About your photographer

Hello , my name is Albina, I absolutely love photographing newborns, babies, and moms to be - which is a huge reason why I switched to only focusing on newborn photography , milestone and maternity photography. It truly makes my heart happy to capture the connection and love for each other.


I am a lover of a wide angle in my sessions and mostly using the 50mm lense. One of my absolute favorites as well is macro lens 100mm 2.8 and the 85mm 1.8 (or1.4).


I do like to plan. I actually thinking planning out the shoot makes for a better quality session. After I have fully communicated with my clients, I then make the prep I need to make the session a success. I plan the location with what they are wearing. I use beautiful props and create little "stations" for newborns, babies and families. Depending on the number of family members, I will make note of different posing ideas I want to try and always try to be sure to get the poses that mom and dad have specifically asked for. 


The art of capturing the moments you don't want to forget; the opportunity to share in people's most special days; the science of seeing the world with fresh eyes every day.


e-mail: albastudiophotography@gmail.com