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Call me Albina. As a mom of two awesome girls, I got seriously inspired to capture and create memories of all those super important and magical moments.

I'm all about newborn photography, snapping those cute baby milestones, and doing maternity photos. It makes me super proud and happy to do what I'm passionate about. My main goal is to capture those unforgettable moments and hold onto them for you. I have this dream that every family should have awesome wall art they can cherish for years to come. It's not just a simple click – it's a treasured memory that lasts a lifetime for families. You can find me shooting in my cozy home studio in Bothell/Mill Creek or wherever my clients want. I've taken pics of over 600 babies, and I feel incredibly lucky to be one of the top newborn photographers in Washington state.

Best Newborn Photographer in WA





Hi there, I'm Albina!


I totally adore taking pics of newborns, babies, and soon-to-be moms - that's a big reason why I decided to go all in on newborn photography, milestones, and maternity shots. It seriously fills my heart with joy to capture that special bond and love.




Details, smiles, unique moments ...Everything will be captured..